Recommended Projects 
A selection of Bitcoin projects we love


Offers both plug and play or build your own. Packed with features.
Plug and play, well specced node.
Build your own node, focused towards Samourai wallet. 
Build your own node.
The original Bitcoin node software


The best privacy focused mobile wallet and has built in coinjoin. (Android only)
Feature packed mobile wallet with a simple user interface. (Android +iOS)
Feature rich desktop wallet, compatible with hardware wallets.
The original Bitcoin desktop wallet and has a node built in.
The most secure Bitcoin hardware wallet on the market. Completely open sourced.


Global P2P trading platform (No KYC).
Open source, global P2P trading platform (No KYC).
Mobile app that makes it easy to buy bitcoin. US only. (Requires KYC).
Offers recurring buys. US only. (Requires KYC). 
Offers recurring buys in £ and €. (Requires KYC).