I’ve been in the so called ‘Crypto Space’ (yes I hate that term too) since the 2017 bull run. Back then I was clueless and spent far too much money on things that, let’s say…weren’t Bitcoin! In the almost 3 years that have passed, I think it’s fair to say that I’ve become well and truly coin monogamous! Bitcoin has me well and truly hooked. Every single day is a quest to stay up to date, learn about the latest developments, listen to the latest podcast or read the latest article.

Lately I’ve been wanting to give back somehow, problem is, I’ve never written line of code in my life and my professional career couldn’t be further from nodes, wallets and programming! Whilst it may be true that I’m not your typical ‘techie’ I do feel as though I’ve learned just enough to be able to help make a new entrants journey into Bitcoin a little easier. Bitcoin is a technical beast with a lot of nuance and jargon so I’ve wanted to try and make that first step a little easier in as simple a format as possible.


My first attempt at properly contributing to the community and also my first attempt at building a website. is my stab at answering the common questions and thoughts I had back in 2017. Questions I’m certain people are still having when entering today. isn’t designed to be a resource for people to become overnight experts. The aim is for it to be somewhere you can you can send your ‘precoiner’ friends and family to get them off zero. I’ve also included some more tailored questions on the two main things that end users touch when they interact with the protocol, nodes and wallets. There is also a page of recommended projects that I’ve interacted with and think add a lot of value. The education page is to signpost those that want to dig a little deeper, to some of the world class resources available.

The site is very much at beta stage and I’m confident that it’s going to change and evolve as my own knowledge and experience continues to develop. I’m very keen to know what you all think about it and would love your suggestions for improvements of anything you think I’ve missed.

If you like the site please share, I want it to help as many people as possible.

Finally, I’d like to say a massive thank you to those who kindly cast their eyes over the site before today and offered their advice and support.

Thank you for visiting and please let me know what you think!